Reliable Prior Learning Assessment Services

Life Experience College Degree is dedicated to providing you with the college credit for your life and work experience, no matter how you have gained it. We believe that the learning practices should not be constrained and judged by the traditional examination structure, thus we are offering our candidates with the opportunity to develop learning outside the boundaries of their classroom. The reason why these degrees are not unethical is that a prior learning evaluation is conducted to make sure that the candidate, by all means, deserves the requested degree. The learning can be evaluated in different ways to help students earn college credit.

Get college credit by prior Learning Assessment

Save your time and money spend in pursuing your degree, even when you are enrolled at any college or institution. We assess your knowledge and insights in the field you dominate and give you college credits that even up the equivalent academic courses taught at different colleges and universities.

Prior Learning Assessment and Portfolio development

With our prior learning assessment programs, you can exhibit the knowledge you already possess that is achievable in an equivalent college course. You may have attained the insights from your past experiences, volunteering programs, training services, artistic pursuits or any communal activity. A portfolio allows you to specify and enunciate the know-how about your field so that you can get credit for it.

Why Prior Learning Assessment Programs?

Get a documented proof of what you already know because of your experience in your respective field! This establishes the idea that even if you don’t have enrolled in a masters or bachelors program, you have still got the knowledge required to pass the course and thus a degree is awarded to you. Not just this saves you time, but your money too, as it fills the gaps in the learning process without requiring you to relearn the things you already are well-versed with. We can help you get a degree by evaluating your prior knowledge at the best rates in the market.

Get Your Dream Job

Big organisations, these days, want multi-talented employees; even if you have an experience of working in different fields, you cannot prove it. Online portal helps you get the degree—on the basis of prior assessment of your knowledge—in any field you are an expert of. Since our degrees are issued by the well-known institutions of the country, you can rest assured of getting the exceptional opportunities that will take your career to a whole new level.

Online portals have taken the plunge of providing the candidate with an accredited degree of their choice depending on the knowledge and skills they own by the first-hand experience. So, if you believe that you have acquired enough knowledge in a certain field that can help you earn a degree in it, don’t hold yourself back! Let us help you.